Tascha Halliburton Foundation To Cancel Upcoming Charity Events Due to Coronavirus

The Tascha Halliburton Foundation understands the importance of public safety. 

In following the Coronavirus Guidelines outlined by the CDC , the Tascha Halliburton Foundation is canceling ALL upcoming charitable initiatives for 2020. 

This decision was made yesterday by our founder Tascha Halliburton. Here is her statement: 

I created the Tascha Halliburton Foundation to serve as a platform to support the social causes closest to my heart. No other cause, such as, the public’s health could be more important. That’s why I have decided to pause all charitable events and gatherings for 2020. If there is a silver lining, it is my hope that the Tascha Halliburton Foundation honors it’s most crucial socially responsible role. Flattening the Coronavirus curve and protecting the health of families worldwide.