Tascha Halliburton Partnering with Polar Warriors to Produce YouTube Series on Bipolar

Polar Warriors is a YouTube series created by Robert Whitaker in 2017. With over 1 million views, Polar Warriors discusses Bipolar topics weekly to their 56,000+ subscribers worldwide. The series provides practical tools and tips to subscribers suffering from Bipolar and those who love them.

How the Tascha Halliburton Foundation Aims to Help

Starting July 2019, Tascha Halliburton will be producing a series of videos about Bipolar. These videos will be hosted by the Polar Warriors founder, Robert Whitaker. Through financing production and advising on the creative strategy of the channel, Tascha hopes to support Bipolar awareness. 

Tascha says her goal for the series is to go beyond movie depictions and stereotypes of Bipolar Depression. To instead look at the inner workings of Bipolar to dispel myths and misunderstandings surrounding Bipolar.

'‘Misdiagnosis is a common problem in mental health,” Tascha shares.

‘Through producing weekly content, we can spread awareness of an issue that’s often overlooked. We live in the digital age. If one person experiencing Bipolar symptoms stumbles upon the Polar Warriors platform and becomes empowered to discuss them with their doctor, then we know we’ve accomplished our mission.’

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To watch weekly content about Bipolar, subscribe to Polar Warriors on YouTube.