Tascha Halliburton Foundation Partners With Career Service Station

Personal branding is crucial in today’s competitive job market. We live in a technology driven world and your personal brand is no longer limited to your job application.

According to ZipRecruiter, one-third of employers say they are less likely to interview candidates if they cannot find information about them online.

This hiring practice in today’s crowded job market unfortunately means finding your dream job will become much harder in the decade to come.

Job Market 2020

According to Trading Economics, 1.2 million persons within the U.S. were considered to be long-term unemployed (Nov 2019).

While the overall unemployment rate decreased to 3.5 % from 3.6%, this number could be lower.

Those who are unemployed are not without work due to laziness or a lack of desire in hard work.

It’s the opposite actually. Many who are unemployed submit job applications daily.

However, these applications are being submitted with no call backs from employers.

How the Foundation Aims to Help

Starting on January 12th, the Tascha Halliburton Foundation will partner with Career Service Station.

The ultimate one-stop shopping in terms of Personal Branding services, Career Service Station was launched in 2018 by Robert Braathe (founder of Braathe Enterprises).

Career Service Station provides a unique solution to those who have been unemployed or looking to make a career change in 2020.

Career Service Station supports professionals by providing them with the best opportunity to speak with career mentors who can help them make their career dreams a reality.

The service helps professionals discover their unique selling proposition that will be most effective in marketing their career experience to employers.

The team at Career Service Station then works to build an effective personal brand strategy through:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Social Media Management (LinkedIn)
  • Mock Interview Training and Career Coaching
  • Providing networking opportunities within your industry
  • Free weekly career tips through a weekly blog

For more information about Career Service Station please click here.